Still 4 More Days to Go!

We are at the halfway point for Eat Elmhurst Restaurant Week and wanted to thank all the restaurants and partners for their generous help and support in getting the week started! To those who are still interested, you have from today until Saturday night to check out any of the places on the list and eat food from around the globe at a discount. Come support small businesses in Elmhurst and enjoy tasty cuisine!

If you’re just walking around Elmhurst, restaurants, cafes and eateries with the  blue sticker are participating in the promotion!

Dubbed as a new “Little Thailand,” there are many Thai establishments in Elmhurst offering fantastic deals but if you’re craving Latin cuisines, there are some deals to be found at Cocolon Restaurant and Prontito, which are known for their “platas” or “plates” and burgers and hot dogs respectively. For Indonesian cuisine, Asian Taste 86 and Sky Cafe are offering 10% and 15% off total orders respectively. And lastly, if you’re craving authentic Cantonese and Chinese Cuisine, Queens Seafood Restaurant, formerly known as “High Pearl” is offering a cool 20% off total checks until the end of the month and RuYi Restaurant is offering different promotions for different amounts spent!